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Ninja Trader

Le logiciel Trading Ninja Trader

Powerful trading platform with market analysis tools. Multiple datafeeds available, including FREE version using CQG datafeed. Forex trading also available.

Logiciel Trading - Ninja Trader - Diamond Trading Academy

The NinjaTrader platform is a powerful trading platform that offers the tools you need to analyze the markets and place trades in a flexible, user-friendly manner. This customizable platform provides real-time and end-of-day analytics and is ideal for traders of different styles and markets.

Advanced Charting

The NinjaTrader platform offers cutting-edge charting to assist you in analyzing the market so you can identify trading opportunities.

Strategy Analyzer

In addition to manual trading, the NinjaTrader platform is also ideal for automated trading and the development of automated trading strategies. Analyze the performance of your own automated trading strategies by running historical tests, backtesting, walk-forward and genetic optimization, and basket testing.

Market Analyzer

Monitor, sort, and rank hundreds of instruments in real time with this turbo-charged quote sheet. The Market Analyzer includes more than 150 indicator columns, rules-based cell color coding and alerting, dynamic ranking, sorting, and filtering, and custom criteria through NinjaScript.

Trade Performance

After you have backtested your own trading strategies through the Strategy Analyzer you can review and analyze their performance with the Trade Performance feature. This feature will analyze backtested trades and/or your live real-time trades. This feature includes more than 80 performance metrics and multiple performance graphs (including cumulative profit, daily net profit, distribution, draw down, entry efficiency, exit efficiency, and more).

Additional Analytic Tools

NinjaTrader features several different analytic tools for your trading needs. Some additional tools that you will find in this platform are the Time & Sales window, Level II market data window, Alerts window, and the News and RSS window.

Multiple DataFeeds Available

Global Futures offers the NinjaTrader platform on three different datafeeds. We offer CQG (free version available), DTQ, and Pats datafeed to our clients using this platform. If you would like to give this platform a test drive, click here. You can select your preferred datafeed for your demo as well.

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